Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got New Bling! (24.09.2010)

Got Braces! and Scott gave me a new nick name - shiny.

It doesn't hurt as much as I expected it to be, but I got a premature contact between buccal cusp of 13 and the bracket on the 44. It's really annoying. Because of it, all other teeth are 2-3mm apart when I attempt to bite together. That means no chewing

of anything. So I have been on congee, soup,and smoothies for a week. I am hoping this will at least help me to lose some weight. LOL

Anyways, I have booked an appointment tomorrow to get this bracket moved out of occlusion. So, hopefully, I'll be able to eat better soon.

The total estimated time for the treatment is 2 years. I'm hoping that my teeth will be nice and move into position within 1.5 yr. So, I will be braces free before I graduate. Wohoo~



Jenny L said...

WOW! braces! That's great! Only 2 years? My brothers been on his for what seems like forever. I didn't think your teeth were crooked though.

I guess if you're going to be a dentist it would make sense to have your teeth look straight too.

Sadly, I didn't understand half your post. "#44 to the back with some occulation please."

Ivy said...

crazy... is this like how the hairdressers do each other's hair in school for practice?

I wouldn't trust a dentist unless they had good teeth so this is a good thing for you... its a investment in your future :)

Shianne C said...

Yeh, the alignment of my teeth were not aesthetically bad. But, there were many little problems, missing teeth, crossbites, edge-to-edge bite etc. The one potential big problem is something that I see in my dad's teeth. A few of his front teeth gradually get more and more rotated over the years. My teeth are rotated in the same patter as his. And, I don't want to look like him when I am old!

Unfortunately, I can't get free treatment from my school mates. Apparently the only thing we are allowed to do is to jab needles into each other... I meant practice injection of local anaesthetics. But, I was lucky enough to get the orthodontist who teaches my group in school to treat me.

Apparently, having ortho brackets in my mouth is changing a lots of things, such as my speech, position of lower jaw, and the way my facial muscles are pulled when I smile. I'm going to take this chance and practice to get rid of my Chinese accent and big gummy smile.

It's costly and painful, but it's definitely going to yell positive results~~ yeah~~~